Max Enrich


Max Enrich’s work seeks to provoke the user by breaking down the barriers between function and form. He believes in the infinite potential of the most common materials, exploring new creative processes and raising attention to the ordinary through a playful approach, where color is key. 

Stone, metal, wood and glass have been his best partners so far. He experiments around the concept of how the familiarity and roughness of this materials can turn into something graceful and delicate.

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Playing with the narrow line between design and pure aesthetics, I focus on a constant search for bold and suggesting forms which can be used as a chair, as a table or as a sculpture. It’s all about coming up with a functional solution – how will it stand up, how will it stay still or how comfortable it will be – together with an unexpected shape for it.

I’ve been focusing my work in formal experiments where I play with the limits of form and functionality through the materials. Stone, iron and wood have been my best partners so far, their simplicity and their roughness can turn into something grace and extremely delicate.


Each piece is made locally under command.



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Tubs i llums

Made by the junction of an arch carrying light and a secondary arch behaving as a support, this family of 8 self-standing light structures play with equilibrium and projection of light. The arches are repeated along the series in three different proportions, doubling in size between them. Their disposition in pairs and just by a point of tangency makes the collection.

For Galeria il·lacions

Pictures by Claudia Mauriño

Totems x Casa Batlló

Totems is a collection of floor lamps made from an ordinary material: upholstery foam. Its simple forms contrast with the noble materials, the attention to detail and the organic forms of Casa Batlló.

These lamps do not intend to blend into the space, but quite the opposite. They seek non-integration to generate tension with the house. Their artificiality pretends to make such a complex environment uncomfortable.

The Table Knife Project

Aiguafreda Glass Pitchers

Hadblown borosilicate glass

Tube lamp

For Camp Design Gallery’s Movimento exhibition

Sierra side table

Ziga-zaga, ziga-zaga

A Space Entirely Devoid Of Matter

Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Gruyére coffee table 🧀

Aiguafreda glass pitchers

Quentin Travertino

2 squared-meters of travertine marble laying on top of a red powder-coated iron structure.

110kg black granite

110 kgs is the weight of the black granite rock, used as a counterweight to hold a solid iron ellipse-shaped top. They meet in a cold joint, just by positioning the heavy rock on top of the leg of the table.

The axis of the top is reinforced on the inside to keep is as thin as possible and carefully welded to the top to avoid deformations.

The rock, obtained from remains of large pieces, reminds of a rock pulled out of a river, with soft edges and faces combining with other aggressive edges, shaped by water. Some irregular sides were left to recall to its origins, a large stone – to recall it was someday part of a bigger total.

Grid x grid

optical furniture

Laminated Side Table


Handmade ceddar chair

3 planes

Basic 3 plane solid oak table


The moiré effect is generated by a superposition of materials with a same (or at least similar) pattern.
In this case, the effect is not only used as a decorative (or distractive) element, but as part of the structure: a series of elements have been generated with the same language, defined by material and finish. The disposition of the planes in respect to the others lines up the holes, so when the user interacts with these elements, the optic effect is generated. By using a common perforated metal sheet with a raw finish, the moiré effect is even more synthetic than usual. Pieces for Perception OX exhibition.

Marquina 2.2

2.2 meter long Marquina marble table top on tainted beech structure

Everyday Furniture

The way we relate with everyday furniture is such a daily act that can be considered automatic.

This pieces try to change this relation so that we become more conscious of the use we give this furniture pieces. This way, furniture stops being invisible and needs a more awaken way of human interaction.


This semicírculo is a rocking chair made out of simple folded metal sheet. With no reinforcement, to test the material. 3mm were enough to create a steady-enough gelatinous-feel chair.

Stabile Collection
Powder-coated iron
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A collaboration with Guillermo Santomà

Hand lights

Using the shape of my hands, I made this two lamps.

One of them shows the delicacy I treat electricity with, as it deserves. So I created a wireless 3 volt led light.

The other one, works as its complemetary opposite, holding electricity with no fear at all.


Coffee tables family for Petite Friture

Diana lamp
Mirror, glass and tube light
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Croissant light

Rock and wood
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Powder-coated steel
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Outdoor furniture

Circle lamp
Methacrylate, light bulb
A collaboration with Cristian Herrera Dalmau and Guillermo Santomà
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Food chairs

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Electric chair
Digital video
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Red dining table
Iron round tube and glass top
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Aro lamp
A collaboration with Julen Ussia

Delta lamp
Wood and LED
For LoSiento Studio
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Ceramic lamps

Recycled tableware molds. With Diego Sampere

Marble dining table
Stainless steel legs, wheels and marquina marble

3m long furniture piece of MDF
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Iron and carpet

On the rocks
MDF and rock
A collaboration with Guillermo Santomà
and Alejandro Martínez-Iglesias